zombie rebellion writing

Here’s a quick update on my new zombie novel, Zombie Rebellion, which will be published on June 3 by Samhain Horror. At last count I was working on reviewing and resolving the edits flagged by the copy editor and my main editor. Today I finally finished that process, and sent the manuscript back to my editor. While I think I will see one more version before it’s “locked,” just to correct any last minute minor errors, this is probably the last round of editing ever. The end is in sight!

Doing these edits was particularly difficult just because of their timing. My editor sent me the manuscript just two days before the students in the class I’m TA’ing for turned in their term papers–which meant, in addition to Zombie Rebellion edits, I had 60+ papers to grade. Timing always seems to work out like this. Also, the logistical and continuity problems in Chapters 4 and 5 proved surprisingly difficult to fix. It had to do with where things were–horses that were tied up, which group of characters was close to another group, how much time passed over the course of a scene, stuff like that. This is the really backbreaking stuff to do, but it’s vitally important, because continuity or logic errors can ruin the whole story for a reader in ways that an author might find surprising.

Because I doubt too many of you are interested in “inside baseball” like this, I’m endeavoring to keep this article short. Suffice it to say that Zombie Rebellion is now 99% in the shape it will finally be in once it’s printed and in your hands (or on your e-reader). That day will be June 3, so stay tuned, and be sure to tell your friends about it!

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