armored 5

It’s almost over! Yesterday, Chapter 42 of my World War II spy thriller The Armored Satchel went up on JukePop Serials. It’s a finale, of sorts–this chapter resolves almost all of the plot threads, and provides the fiery (literally) showdown between amateur spy Max Volcker and his enemies, namely, Soviet arch-agents Karenov and Ilchenko. Although there is a little bit more “business” of the story to conduct after this–and there will be one more chapter–you will see quite obviously from Chapter 42 that the story is winding down.

To go immediately to Chapter 42, click the cover image above, or click here.

As I write this, on Friday afternoon just before going dark for the Sabbath (I shut down technology at sundown Friday), Chapter 43 is about half-written and may go up by the end of the weekend. This will mark the final conclusion of The Armored Satchel saga, which is actually two stories, “The Armored Satchel” (chapters 1-24) and “Red Chameleon” (chapters 25-43). I’ve also recorded a video farewell to my fans and readers, which I’ll post on Chapter 43 and also on YouTube and in a blog article here on this site.

Saying farewell to Max, his adventures and the whole world of 1940s espionage intrigue is both difficult and liberating. I’ve loved the twists and turns the story has taken; hopefully you have too. I’ve also enjoyed stretching my legs into a genre I’ve had little experience with before. On the other hand, ending The Armored Satchel is going to free up time for many other projects, including my next horror novel for Samhain and maybe even The Valley of Forever. So it’s a bittersweet farewell.

You’ll have more of my thoughts in another blog article I will post upon the final chapter’s debut. Please, please vote for all chapters if you haven’t already, by the end of March. This month (March) will likely be the last month I’ll collect any remuneration for this serial, so please help me out if you can by clicking the vote button. I’m happy to say that the story is now over 1000 votes, and no. 17 in JukePop’s all-time rankings.