It’s 1920s Week, and what would it be without some awesome 1920s music? Maybe this is a lonely opinion, but I think the popular and jazz music of the Roaring Twenties is still every bit as much fun today as it must have been 90 years ago. I have a selection of 1920s songs on my iPod, and I listen to them pretty frequently.

This one is one of my favorites. It’s by Irving Aaronson and his Commanders, and it’s called “Let’s Misbehave,” a big hit from 1928. In addition to having a catchy tune, the song’s lyrics capture perfectly the ethos of the 1920s–a little mischievous, very frivolous, and a bit sexual in its overtones, yet still squeaky-clean. This song was considered horribly shocking in 1928, but it’s pretty tame, yet still a great song.

This particular YouTube clip contains a montage of various photos from the ’20s, but the song is the real treasure.

“The world’s in slumber…let’s misbehave!”