zombie rebellion writing

Amidst all the fun in the 1920s we’ve been having this week, I wanted to give you all a quick update on Zombie Rebellion, my new book from Samhain Horror that’s going to be out on June 3 of this year. On Monday I viewed the final formatting version–what in the old bricks-and-mortar printing business they used to call “galley proofs”–and, after requesting only one minor change, approved them. Now the next time I see the book will be in printed form (Samhain will send me a box of them), and after that, hopefully on bookstore shelves!

I wrote Zombie Rebellion mostly during the summer of 2012, and after sending it off and moving on to other projects like Doppelgänger and The Valley of Forever, I had largely put it out of my mind. Going back over the edits, though, I got back into the story and recalled how much fun it was to write. Yes, it’s horror and filled with zombies, but it’s also a very light-hearted, whimsical book that’s almost a horror comedy. One thing I learned from the Zombies of Byzantium experience is that if a book is fun to write, the enthusiasm and enjoyment will be picked up by the readers. Therefore, I think Zombie Rebellion will probably be my most fun book yet.

I’ll do another post when the printed books arrive, which is likely to be fairly close to the June 3 release date. I hope you’re all looking forward to the book as much as I am!

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