zombie rebellion writing

As it turned out, my last update on my upcoming book Zombie Rebellion, due out June 3, was premature. What did I find in my email box this morning? More galley proofs! The ones I’m reviewing today are for the print version, whereas the previous ones I looked at were for the e-book version. Nonetheless, I’m spending at least part of the day reviewing them, though I doubt it will take long–the book is almost locked.

I’ve been watching Amazon to see if the book can be preordered yet. Apparently not, but I expect it to be coming soon. As soon as it is available on preorder, you can definitely expect an announcement (or several) here, and pretty much wherever you can find me on social media. If you want to read Zombie Rebellion, I strongly urge you to preorder so it will be in your hands on release day, June 3, without any delays!

My editor at Samhain Horror, Don D’Auria, continues to prove why he’s the best horror editor in the business. Every interaction I’ve had with him has been professional, businesslike and wise in the ways of publishing and promotion. I hope Zombie Rebellion proves to be another feather in his cap.

Keep watching for the book, it will be coming very soon!

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