madmen draper apartment

I love Mad Men, the AMC television series about ad execs in the 1960s. I love it. It may be the greatest show I’ve ever watched in my life, possibly even surpassing Star Trek. Thus, you can imagine my delight when I found this, a map that plots many of the New York City locations where the series takes place. I am extremely interested in the geography of NYC (as you may have noticed from the missing persons cases I’ve posted from there, such as Stevie Bates and Edward Dubbs) so this kind of thing is right up my alley.

The map, though, is a little frustrating. It tabs the show locations and provides cites to episodes where they’re mentioned, but the index isn’t really searchable unless you already know the address–thus, you can’t just plug in “Don Draper’s apartment” and wind up here. So, after browsing a bit, I managed to find it. This is 783 Park Avenue, which is the location of the very posh high-rise apartment where Don and his new wife Megan Draper go to live after their marriage (Don’s third) in 1965. This is the site of the surprise birthday party where Megan provocatively sings the torchy French song “Zou Bisou Bisou.” This is one of my favorite moments in the whole series.

As you can see from the above Google Earth image, there is no separate entrance for 783 Park Avenue, though there are for 785 and 791. It’s unclear just from looking at it whether this building was here in 1965. Anyway, this is the place. As I fiddle with the Mad Men map tool I may be presenting other addresses from the series (just what I need, yet another blog series!)