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So, you’ve seen me blog about my complicated relationship with the movie Braveheart before (as well as its creator Mel Gibson). When I came across this article on the Curnblog this morning I really wanted to share it–but for some reason can’t click the “reblog” button! Let me just say that I was always bothered by the homophobic aspects of Braveheart, which Simon Butler identifies in this article. This look at the movie also says a lot about how societal attitudes have evolved in favor of LGBT inclusion in the past 19 years. Excellent post, and I highly recommend the Curnblog, which offers thoughtful insights on cinema.

Group Offences: Braveheart and the future of prejudiced pictures

The worst thing I ever heard at the movies was laughter.

This oft-merry sound reached me, to my dismay, at a Manhattan showing of Mel Gibson’s historical epic Braveheart (1995) nearly 20 years ago. I was watching it in the theatre, surrounded by other New Yorkers, when a scene came up in which King Edward I (played by Patrick McGoohan) confronts his son, who is with his gay lover in their castle. Shockingly, Edward pushes his heir’s partner out the tower window, and the man falls to his death.

Laughter ensued…

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