Megadeth has risen and fallen, shone and faltered over the years, but some of their songs remain forever classics of the metal genre, and rightfully so. Case in point “In My Darkest Hour,” which originally appeared on the 1988 So Far, So Good, So What album and which has been a staple of Megadeth’s live show ever since. This particular performance was done at a performance in Sweden in July 2011. It’s always been one of my favorite Megadeth songs.

Like most Megadeth albums, SFSGSW came into the world through considerable turmoil and anguish. Line-up changes, problems with the mixing and the ever tempestuous personality of frontman Dave Mustaine made for a rocky gestation for this album, which bridged the gap between the “classic” Megadeth of the mid-1980s and the evolving, more polished sound they began to deliver in the early 1990s. SFSGSW has some terrific songs, like this one, but also a few clunkers. Nevertheless, I prefer “In My Darkest Hour” to arguably more popular Megadeth tunes like “Rust In Peace.”

Personally, I was deeply wounded by Megadeth’s terrible 1999 album Risk, which ended my relationship with the band. I’m told their albums since then have been much better, but that coupled with Mustaine’s increasing personal and political insanity has caused me to lose much of my interest in them. Yet the old standbys like this one still remain fresh, heavy and likable today.

Shabbat Shalom, have a great weekend!