stockholm 1873

This is a very unusual “Earth Panorama” post–a historical one! This amazing view, which is a full 360 degrees, shows the skyline of Stockholm, Sweden, in 1873. It was originally taken by a man named Johannes Jaeger. He was standing on the top of the Kastellet, a fortress on an island in the center of the city originally built in 1667. In 2007, someone put it up on

Look at the full panorama on Unlike modern panoramas, you can’t tilt upwards or downwards, but you can see the whole skyline wrap around, just as in panoramas taken today.

I know very little about the geography of Stockholm, so I’m not certain what we’re looking at here (and I wish I knew). There is a large building with a cupola on a hill that looks pretty important so I assume that’s an important cathedral or perhaps a public building. The docks and boathouses are also very interesting, attesting to how much of this area was based on commerce. An old sea salt like me (I grew up in Nebraska) loves the old sailing ships too.

If anyone can tell me more about what we’re seeing in this photo, please speak up in the comments!