When I do these “Metal for Friday” posts I often try to make my choice of metal song somehow appropriate to something that happened during my week, something that’s going on in the world or perhaps something I thought about during the past week. Yesterday, as it turned out, David Vincent, the lead vocalist and bassist for Morbid Angel, favorited one of my tweets on Twitter that mentioned the band. Voila–that determined that this week’s Metal for Friday must be Morbid Angel!

Aside from Dismember, I’d have to call Morbid Angel my favorite death metal band. The characteristic sound of Florida death metal–which I have often described as “sludgey”–is perfectly displayed by this song, “Where The Slime Live,” from their 1995 album Domination. (In contrast to the “sludgey” sound of Florida death metal, Swedish death metal to me sounds “crunchy”). In any event, whatever it sounds like, it’s awesome and a terrific exemplar of 1990s death metal in its purest form.

I remember seeing this video years ago, though I can’t quite recall where (it appeared too late to make it to Headbanger’s Ball which was canceled in early 1995). It’s been years since I’ve seen it, so watching it this morning was rather like revisiting an old acquaintance.

Shabbat Shalom, have a great weekend!