As much as I love my husband, my home, my job and the place I live, sometimes I just want to hang out in the beer garden at Wacken. Tonight is one of those times.

This panoramic view shows the epic biergarten at the world’s biggest heavy metal festival, Wacken Open Air, held every August in the little town of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. This is not from, the usual place I get my panoramic views (which you all know I love), but the Wacken website. This view was taken in 2011, the last year I was there. If you want to see the full site, go to this link, then click “Biergarten” from the menu of images that appears at the bottom. You’ll not only see it, but hear it–the page comes complete with looped audio of what it really sounds like!

Wacken is the Nirvana of metal. Notice the awesome T-shirts, the beer steins, the horns, funny hats and general merriment. There are also some cool little details in this pic that I like. Note the couple kissing just above the left shoulder of the fellow in the blue T-shirt, and the rather cute shirtless lad to their left who appears to be talking on his cell phone. If you go to the full panorama and pan left you can see Mambo Kurt performing on the beer garden stage.

It’s remotely possible that I am in this picture somewhere. I did hang out at the beer garden often during the 2011 festival and I remember seeing Mambo Kurt, but whether I was there at the precise moment this photo was taken is unknown; I don’t see myself but I could be a dot in the crowd.

I’m greatly looking forward to Wacken 2014!