I’m not necessarily a fan of Blaze Bayley, the guy who warmed Iron Maiden’s vocal bench during the years that Bruce Dickinson was away from the band. He doesn’t have Dickinson’s range or power, but as this song proves, he does have something to bring to the table. Doro Pesch–who will always be the first lady of German metal–lends this duet, a cover of Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark,” a touch of class which is amplified by the symphony orchestra. This is the way metal should be: bold and innovative, yet traditional, and always very powerful.

This live performance occurred during Doro’s set at Wacken Open Air 2004. Blaze was her special guest. I was at that festival a decade ago–hard to believe it’s been that long–and I’ve already showcased two other wonderful performances from it, Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” and Doro’s “Für Immer.” I believe this performance is taken from the Armageddon Over Wacken 2004 DVD, which is the sequel to the amazing 2003 video I reviewed here.

You can’t go wrong with Iron Maiden, even if it’s a cover song! Now Doro singing with Bruce Dickinson…that would be epic!

Shabbat Shalom, have a great weekend!