This wacky eatery features not only bold food, but an extremely bold artistic look as you can see just from glancing at the above screenshot. Go to the full panorama and gain the full experience. You could spend an hour picking out all the pop culture references that literally carpet the walls of the Paper Moon Diner.  Just glancing around I saw Scooter from the Muppets, the Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern, an alien from Mars Attacks, a Stretch Armstrong doll, an 1890s telephone, Batman, Godzilla, Mr. Spock from Star Trek, and an EZ-Bake Oven.

The Paper Moon Diner opened on West 29th Street in Baltimore in 1994. It’s a few blocks from Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore Museum of Art. I’ve been to Baltimore only once, in the 80s, and I know little of its culture, but just browsing on the web it seems this diner is striving to become a part of it. The menu is pretty eclectic, with offerings for militant vegetarians (tofu scramble) and ultra-carnivores (bacon milkshakes) alike.

The eye-shocking “technicolor” decor of this place reminds me a little of the Apocalypse Chapel, though of course much less morbid. Certainly it’s an interesting pastiche of pop culture art. If I’m ever in Baltimore I think I’ll check out this place.

This photo was taken by Dan Bailey on May 11, 2012.