This song happened to come on my iPod while I was in the library yesterday, and was playing when I found a very interesting letter written by Thomas Jefferson relating to his perceptions of climate change in the early 19th century. But none of that matters to you. What matters is this is Iron Maiden, this song kicks ass and that’s all you need to know!

“The Evil That Men Do,” one of Maiden’s staple set performances, dates from the 1988 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album, one of the most iconic and best-loved albums of the late Dickinson period (before the reunion). It’s hard not to like almost everything on this album, though I admit the chorus of Can I Play With Madness grates on me a little bit. Nevertheless this is one of the staple Maiden albums, and staple Maiden songs. This video was taken at the Rock in Rio festival. I’m not sure what year though I’d guess it’s about 2008. This was after Bruce Dickinson reunited with the band–an event that most Maiden fans regarded as inevitable, but which still seemed to take an unnecessarily long time to happen!

Shabbat Shalom, have a great Friday and great weekend! \m/