You may have noticed the pace of articles on Seanmunger.com has been a little less of late. Having returned from my research trip, I’m now deep into family time and various other distractions. As everything must yield to family and the vagaries of our real life, I’m likely going to be on hiatus for the  next week or so.

To give you a taste of what I’ve been doing instead of this blog, yesterday I sat on a nice cool patch of grass, in the shade, with a glass of sparkling pinot noir, watching my nephews play pirate ship. As much as I love doing articles about environmental disasters, interesting people, beautiful photosMad Men locations and historical objects, I love doing stuff like that more, so I’ll be taking about a week off.

There might be an errant article here or there if I happen to get bored, but I’ll be back in force after the end of this coming week. If you get bored in my absence, check out my new zombie novel, Zombie Rebellion!