ZombieRebellion by Sean Munger

My new historical zombie novel, Zombie Rebellion, has been out a bit more than a month now, and some reviews are beginning to hit the web. I was very pleased to see this extremely positive review by Matthew J. Barbour of Horror Novel Reviews, who gave Zombie Rebellion four stars out of five. Mr. Barbour enjoyed both the historical aspects of the book as well as the horror elements. Here’s a brief excerpt of the review.

This eye for detail coupled with the confidence to present the piece in such a light-hearted manner is unexpected from an author with only two books under his belt.  Munger is walking a tight rope, which most veteran story tellers would hang themselves upon. He is one part Bernard Cornwell and one part Max Brooks.

Is Zombie Rebellion a classic? No, but it is a fun read.

A great endorsement! Thanks so much, Matthew! Just about everybody is finding Zombie Rebellion a very fun, easy read, so you should definitely pick up a copy, especially if you liked my previous book Zombies of Byzantium.

Big thanks to Horror Novel Reviews for the coverage.