As you may have noticed, I’m going to Wacken soon. If you read this blog regularly you know that Wacken Open Air is the biggest metal festival on Earth and you’re probably already tired of my posts about it. If you don’t read this blog regularly…well, you should!

The above video is a clip from a film made about the festival in 2007. It’s not the usual performance video, but actually shows you what life in the vast campgrounds surrounding the festival is really like. It’s all here–muddy pathways, tent cities, lots of metalheads sitting around drinking beer, people in strange costumes (a tradition I still don’t quite understand), and of course a metal soundtrack! The 24-hour party in the campgrounds is the hidden essence of Wacken. I mean, sure, seeing awesome bands on numerous stages for 4 days is cool, but the coolest thing has always been the people you meet there and the fun you have with them.

This video was made in 2007. I was there that year, and in fact the camp where my friends and I stayed that year is visible here. Starting at 1:19 of the video there’s a brief shot of a cluster of tents with a pole flying a Canadian flag and a Chinese flag underneath. That’s my camp. Although I’m American and most of my friends in the camp were Norwegian, we flew a Canadian flag in honor of one of our party who was from Canada, and a Chinese flag because that year I was covering the festival as the Western correspondent for Painkiller Magazine, the #1 heavy metal magazine in China.

Here’s a shot taken in our camp that year showing the flagpole, with one of my Norwegian friends.

Wacken camp 2007

If you’re going to Wacken this year, I hope to see you there!