I’m back from Wacken Open Air, and so many of the great songs I heard there are still ringing in my head. This is one of them. “Reach Out For The Light” was the first single released off the 2001 album The Metal Opera masterminded by Edguy frontman Tobias Sammet, who brought together some of power metal’s most beloved and powerful vocalists for a supergroup/concept album type of thing. Avantasia is now (sort of) a band in its own right, and has played at Wacken several times, including last week, where I saw them perform this song, and in 2011, which is where this video performance was recorded.

Avantasia is sort of the final frontier for power metal fans. Chances are if you like power metal you’re not merely a fan of Tobias Sammet, but also Michael Kiske (Helloween), Oliver Hartmann (At Vance) and Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray). All of these vocalists, and many more, have appeared on Avantasia releases. The albums are also known for the high concept and elaborate storytelling common to ambitious power metal albums. This is not your older brother’s hack-chop death metal! Avantasia always puts on a great show–Tobias is one of the great showmen in metal–and both this performance and the one last week demonstrated that.

Shabbat Shalom, have a great Friday and great weekend! \m/