This post is about a heavy metal festival, Wacken Open Air (read my diary of the 2014 festival here), but the music to this particular post is a Beach Boys song. Yes, that’s right, Beach Boys. At the end of the Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous, which came out in 2000–the year I first started going to Wacken–the end credits roll while the main character, played by Patrick Fugit, thumbs through his Polaroid photos of the epic rock and roll road trip that the movie has chronicled. The song on the soundtrack is “Feel Flows” by the Beach Boys, a comparatively obscure release by them. It’s not metal, but it’s such a perfect moment for the ending of the film that I use it here, to present some of my own photos of the festival that you may not have seen in the diary entries.

Click here for the music:

The Photos

Wacken 2014 A 012Wacken 2014 A 027 Wacken 2014 A 034 Wacken 2014 A 040Wacken 2014 A 045Wacken 2014 A 054Wacken 2014 A 058Wacken 2014 A 075Wacken 2014 A 092Wacken 2014 A 094Wacken 2014 A 137Wacken 2014 A 143Wacken 2014 B 001Wacken 2014 B 017Wacken 2014 B 019Wacken 2014 B 033Wacken 2014 B 036Wacken 2014 B 049Wacken 2014 B 061Wacken 2014 B 082Wacken 2014 B 090Wacken 2014 B 091Wacken 2014 B 095Wacken 2014 B 097

tully 1

(Above photo by Derek Tully)

plotz 3

(Above photo copyright (c) 2014 by Olaf Plotz)

Wacken 2014 B 114 Wacken 2014 B 127

Except where otherwise indicated, all photos in this article are copyright (C) 2014 by me (Sean Munger), all rights reserved, and may not be copied or used without permission.