I was never a huge Monster Magnet fan, but I admit there’s a soft spot in my heart for their most popular album, Powertrip, which came out in 1998. The heavy, chunky guitars and the strange voice of Dave Wyndorf were kind of unusual and endearing. This song, the big hit from the album, has some of the most profound metal lyrics that stick in my head, the part that goes: “I lost my soul when I fell to Earth, my planets call me to the void of my birth…”

There are actually two versions of “Space Lord.” The original refrain, not surprisingly, is “Space lord mother fucker,” but the song was Bowdlerized for the album into the somewhat nonsensical “Space lord mother mother.” The video you see above, which was recorded at the Rock am Ring festival in Nürburg (not Nuremberg), Germany, in 1999, contains the original lyrics. The one below is the studio version, much crisper and heavier, but with the adulterated lyrics.

Not sure why I thought of this today, but it was in my head this morning.

Have a great Friday, Shabbat Shalom! \m/