This terrific article from the Whereabouts Still Unknown blog caught my eye instantly–not just because it’s an interesting article, but because it relates to the same subject as an article I did more than a year ago on my own blog about the tragic 1944 Hartford circus fire. It turns out there were several missing persons mysteries surrounding that disaster, and I had not heard of this one until I read the article. Great stuff!

Whereabouts Still Unknown


This entry is a bit different from my usual entries.

In light of the ridiculous number of unidentified people who seemingly do not match up to those reported missing, it’s apparent that there were many, many more, especially in the 1970’s and earlier, who were never reported missing.   Law enforcement rarely took missing adults seriously then, and often refused to take a report.

So, mixed in with my ‘regular’ missing persons cases, will be some attempts to identify the ‘missing missing’ – as in, missing from the Missing Persons sites.  It’s my hope that someone will recognize these people and shed some light on whether they’re still missing.

This story starts at a Ringling Bros Circus in Hartford, CT.    It was July 6, 1944, and the big top was filled with approximately 7000 spectators, mostly women and children.  Just after the lions performed, a band was making its way around…

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