In the above video, you will see my friend Karl from Germany (he featured rather prominently in my recent Wacken 2014 diary) introducing and promo-ing his new music project, which is called The Farthest Forever. Karl and his collaborators, under the moniker Rekator, have begun work on a concept album loosely based on material I wrote. As you’ll see in the video, Karl is still in the beginning stages of writing the music, but presumably we can check back on his YouTube channel (Rekator) for future progress.

Those of you who may have read the Giamotti trilogy have heard of The Farthest Forever. It’s the science fiction book-within-a-book described in Life Without Giamotti, written by Paul Conlon, one of the main characters. While not a major focus of the Giamotti books, a few aspects of the science fiction world of The Farthest Forever are mentioned in the Giamotti novels, and the central concept of the Vortex–a kind of interdimensional portal that offers access to other realities–is a key part of the novels.

What you may not know, even if you’ve read the Giamotti books, is that I developed The Farthest Forever backstory more than 20 years ago. I intended to write a science fiction novel with that title and had a pretty well-developed universe planned out for it; the most complete draft of The Farthest Forever was written in 1998 and I’ve only paid it minor attention since. Recently I shared with Karl some of the notes I made back in the 1990s, and this became the inspiration for his recent work with Rekator.

It’s been a while since I did a post on the Giamotti novels, and it’s always great for a writer to see his or her work adapted into another form! So I’m anxious to hear what Rekator comes up with. In the meantime, my 2006 novel Life Without Giamotti has inexplicably had an uptick in sales this summer, so check it out by all means!