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In addition to zombie novels, I also occasionally write shorter pieces. I’m pleased to announce that three of my short stories are now available on Amazon Kindle, free of charge, as of today. President in the Bathroom is a collection of two stories, “The Stranger of Mt. Vernon” and “President in the Bathroom,” both historically-themed tales with a SF/fantasy twist. “The Antimeridian,” which I wrote in the early stages of my still-unfinished work in progress The Valley of Forever, is another time-bending science fiction tale. And now you can check them out for free!

Here’s the synopsis of “The Stranger of Mt. Vernon”:

In “The Stranger of Mt. Vernon,” it’s Virginia in 1797 and you’ll find the welcome mat out and a hot meal waiting for you at the cozy plantation home of George Washington, recently retired as the nation’s first president. But you’d better keep an eye on the other guests in residence. One of them is not what he seems. Is he an assassin intent on rubbing out the father of our country–or just a kid trying to pass his history class?

And “President in the Bathroom”:

What would you do if you saw a dead president in your bathroom? Well, not dead exactly–he seems to be breathing, occasionally swigs from a flask and offers depressing advice to troubled married couples–but that doesn’t change the fact that history records he died in 1869. Don’t feel on the spot if you don’t know exactly how to react in this situation. The characters in “President in the Bathroom” don’t either.

antimeridian 3

“The Antimeridian”:

From Switzerland to Spain to a remote island in the South Pacific that straddles the International Date Line, Dale is being chased all around the world–or at least he thinks he is. His pursuer, a creature called Hieroglyphus, is trying to control the space-time continuum by means of something called the Ideal Clock. There’s just one problem: at any given moment Dale can never be sure where–or who–Hieroglyphus is. This short story by Sean Munger, author of “Life Without Giamotti,” explores the boundaries of human conceptions of time, and why time may not always be as straightforward as it seems.

These collections were formerly available only on the Apple iBookstore, and only “The Antimeridian” was free, but now all three are available. Enjoy, and if you haven’t read Zombie Rebellion or Zombies of Byzantium yet, definitely get them too! Both titles are available from Samhain Publishing. “The Stranger of Mt. Vernon” and “President in the Bathroom” were originally published in the (now-defunct) literary magazine The Armchair Aesthete.