Many metalheads have had a love-hate relationship with In Flames; in my case, and I don’t think it’s atypical, it’s been love-hate-love. One of the pioneers of the “Gothenburg sound” of late 1990s melodic death metal, to those who inevitably cried “Sell out!” at their 2001 album Reroute to Remain–and I was one of those–their previous album, Clayman, was their pinnacle. This song, “Only For The Weak,” is probably the best song on that very strong album, and showcases everything In Flames was at its peak.

While I love Clayman and especially this song, I felt betrayed by Reroute to Remain and didn’t listen to much In Flames throughout the 2000s. In later years I’ve gotten back into their earlier stuff. The older you get as a metalhead, the more you’re willing to forgive and forget.

“Only For The Weak” is a particularly awesome live song. The band performing this song is a centerpiece of the Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 DVD, showcasing the best performances from that awesome year.

This is the first “Metal For Friday” of the new era (meaning, the new website layout). Hope you like it! Shabbat Shalom, and have a great Saturday! \m/