Boston, one last time around: A final batch of photos from my trip.


So, in last night’s post, a photographic retrospective on my recent research trip to Boston, I promised it would be the last Boston-trip-related article. However, my husband liked the photos so much that he twisted my arm to post some more. Thus, I must ask your indulgence one more time for some more photos from the revolutionary city.



Copley Square, one of the central spots of Boston. The slab-like glass building is the John Hancock tower.


Statues outside Fenway Park. Someone more knowledgeable about baseball than I am should be able to identify them.


Ancient graves in Boston Common.


Guns aboard the World War II era destroyer USS Cassin Young, berthed next to the USS Constitution.


Antique typewriter aboard the USS Cassin Young.


Neighborhood near Old North Church, looking out from the 18th century cemetery.


Interior, Old North Church, where the American Revolution was born.


Exhibit at the JFK Presidential Library.


Robert F. Kennedy’s law degree, dated June 11, 1951.


A cute dog I found inches from my face on a crowded T train home.


A flower in the gardens at Peacefield, the Adams family estate.


Grave dating from 1694. This person was related to the Adams presidential family.


Ominous thunderstorm over West Boston. This is the worst storm I saw since 1988.
All photos are copyright (C) 2014 by Sean Munger and may not be used without permission.
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