I love doing these Metal for Friday posts, and I’ve featured some very cool stuff you may not have heard of, like Moonsorrow, Orphaned Land or Iron Savior. But once in a while you just have to go for something glammy, poppy and fun, and that’s the definition of this song, “Poison,” from Alice Cooper’s 1989 album Trash.

Alice (true name Vincent David Furnier) is one of the godfathers of American metal and hard rock. He’s been recording since the ’60s and still going–his new album is due to come out in 2015. Trash, released in July 1989, was his comeback album after a slump in the mid-1980s. It turned out to be one of his biggest ever, hitting no. 20 on the Billboard charts (no. 2 in the UK). “Poison” peaked at number 7 as a single in the fall of 1989. In addition to the official video (above) there’s also an uncensored one where the model is showing some more skin.

It’s not complex power metal or ice-cold Scandinavian folk metal, but I don’t know a metalhead who doesn’t like Alice Cooper. Enjoy this to kick off your weekend, and Shabbat Shalom. \m/