blog milestone

I don’t often sing my own praises, but I thought that those of you who read this blog might be interested to know that I’ve hit sort of a milestone. This article will be the 1,002nd post to go up on the history of this blog. Yesterday morning’s reblog about polar bears in Svalbard broke the 1,000 ceiling. I don’t know if this is cause for celebration by anybody but me, but I am rather impressed that I’ve really managed to make this site a going concern.

Originally started as an author site. You know, a boring platform where you can click on a bio about me, find links to my books and that sort of thing. With the occasional exception of an article here and there, that’s what it was for a long time. Then one day I looked at my own blog and realized how badly it sucked. On that day, May 23, 2013, I decided that this site was going to be different. I started putting up articles about many different things, not just writing or my books. Most of the 1,002 articles here now came after the “Revolution,” which is how you get things as eclectic as this, this or this–and which I guarantee you’d never find on any other author website.

I’m very tired of self-professed writing experts asking the question, “Do author blogs really help you sell more books?” I couldn’t care less about the answer to this question, because, although I’d be delighted if you bought my last book, I’d be more delighted if you found something here that was interesting, engaging and worth reading. The Internet excels at serving up terabytes of worthless crap and idle distractions. It’s my hope that this site will never just be an idle distraction for anyone who reads it. Hopefully that will still be true on the day I get to 2,000 articles.

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, shares and learns.