ZombieRebellion by Sean Munger

Zombie Rebellion, (c) 2014 by Sean Munger

Released June 3, 2014 by Samhain Horror

Zombie Rebellion is the revolution of the living dead!

Roger Clymer has got the worst job anyone in Pennsylvania in 1794 can have: tax collector. But as a plague of undead zombies begins raking through the countryside, Roger realizes that the controversial new tax on whiskey—and the ragtag band of rebels taking up arms to oppose it—are the least of his worries, at least until George Washington’s army arrives to put them down. Until then all he’s got are one and a half muskets, distrustful Indian allies and his twelve-year-old son to help him keep the zombie hordes at bay—before the entire frontier explodes into a bloody, flesh-devouring, whiskey-fueled inferno!

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