This tiny little movie, called The Tap, was a finalist in a short film competition sponsored by Connect4Climate, a nonprofit seeking to engage young people in the battle against climate change. This film was made by college students in India at Mahindra United World College, and was directed by Rolando Barry. It struck my eye as a short, simple way to dramatize the problems of climate change.

The message is obviously allegorical. The only way it could be clearer is if the tap gushed oil instead of water. The usage of fossil fuels is the chief driver of manmade climate change, and the powerful business and industrial interests who benefit from fossil fuels have sadly been trying to cloud the public’s mind about the realities and consequences of climate change. What I like about this video is that it stresses the immediacy of acting. The tap is running, and we living in this generation have both the power and the obligation to shut it off. I love how that message comes through so clearly here.

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