pazo de barrantes

Planet Wine goes to Spain! This is the winery of Pazo de Barrantes in Pontevedra, in the region of northwest Spain bordering Portugal. The Pazo de Barrantes winery is associated with Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta, a winery that has been active since 1822. Pazo de Barrantes produces mainly whites. The pazo (palace, or what you would call in Mexico a hacienda) you see in this view was built in 1511.

Pazo de Barrantes is famous for its Albariño grapes, a varietal indigenous to this region of Spain. This is thought of as a “creamy” grape which requires slow and soft extraction to bring out its flavors. Since 2009 Paso de Barrantes has made two principal wines, the Albariño Pazo Barrantes, which I take to be a little bit more delicate, and the La Comtesse, which seems to be a bit bolder and oakier, but probably not nearly as much as a chardonnay.

Spain is a lovely country and its wines have been the envy of the world for centuries. This little place is a bit out of the way, but I definitely wouldn’t mind stopping in here for a cool glass of Albariño.

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