Deniers of anthropogenic climate change love to claim that the whole issue is a hoax, ginned up very recently by Al Gore and modern liberals in order to [insert fantasy conspiratorial agenda here]. The video above plainly and conclusively proves these claims are utterly false. This clip is from an educational science film produced in 1958, and very accurately describes both the mechanism of greenhouse gas warming and some of its likely potential effects. This was not an outlandish theory in 1958, no more so than it is today. The Bell Telephone Science Series, a series of educational TV specials broadcast between 1956 and 1964, was financed by AT&T corporation, and this particular segment, broadcast in February 1958, was produced by Frank Capra, Academy Award-winning director of It’s A Wonderful Life and the Why We Fight series of World War II films.

Climate change was not new in 1958. The theory of anthropogenic global warming caused by burning of fossil fuels was suggested in 1899 by Nils Eckholm, and the idea of human activity changing the climate goes back much farther than that; Thomas Jefferson, for example, believed in the concept. So the idea of climate change being a modern “hoax” is simply ridiculous.

Unfortunately, the problems of climate change, identified so early, have largely been ignored. If we had started tackling this issue back in 1958 instead of waiting until more than 50 years later, perhaps the current predictions of climate effects would not be so dire.

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