on strike

Today, I am on strike.

My union, the GTFF (Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation) 3544, representing graduate student teachers at the University of Oregon, is on strike today, December 2, over the issues of paid leave and a living wage. We teach a third of the classes at UO and make less than subsistence level. GTFs who have children or become injured have no paid leave policy. The University of Oregon administration has behaved abominably and indefensibly in the 13 months of negotiations, upon which they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees–when a mere $52,000 would cover what we’re asking for. Final negotiations broke down last night. Thus, we strike.

I took this video minutes ago after marching for several hours in front of the education building.

In case you’re wondering what it’s like to be in a picket line–an experience I’ve never had before–here is a taste of it.

If you read this blog and enjoy the various things I try to bring you day in and day out–history, wine, books, climate change issues, metal, whatever it is you like–please do me a favor and circulate this blog or the videos. Especially if you’re on Twitter, RT the hashtag #GTFF3544. We’re going to win this fight and win paid leave for the University of Oregon student teachers! Thanks everyone for the support.