Above is a video update–I guess a “VLOG” (does anyone still use that term?) taken on the front lines, literally, of the strike by the GTFs (Graduate Teaching Fellows) at the University of Oregon. I brought you a report yesterday on the strike. Today’s short video has some unexpected guests–several of my fellow historians at the history department, who are also on strike for a fair contract including paid leave and a living wage. (The reference to “Sage” refers to this video, where I was interviewed by the campus paper Daily Emerald but misidentified). Sorry for the “Blair Witch Project” camera angle.

These issues are crucial to us, and the childish intransigence of the University of Oregon administration in refusing to reach a deal–when in fact we were very close to one at the last mediation–is unacceptable. Nevertheless, I do feel that the strike will end soon, and will end with real concessions for the GTFs. Our union, the GTFF 3544, has the support of nearly every union in the state of Oregon as well as many local politicians and associations. The administration has no allies and has drawn condemnation and denunciations from many quarters, including UO’s own faculty.

Here’s another video, showing a child leading a union chant.

This is a pretty strong showing that the entire community wants a fair contract for student teachers at UO. Please share this blog and follow our hashtag #GTFF3544 for the latest on the strike. Thanks everyone for your support!

For good measure, here’s a pic I took of a union member’s dog wearing a GTFF 3544 T-shirt. Because everything goes better with dogs.

union dog