A few days ago I was surprised to see a review of my upcoming novel for Samhain Horror, Doppelgänger, surface on the web. It’s by Scarlet, a book blogger from Scotland, and the review is here; she comments that the book held her attention and she wanted to keep reading, and she was also impressed by the detail of the era (as you’ll recall, Doppelgänger takes place in New York City during the Gilded Age).

I’m intrigued by this review because Scarlet specifically addresses the ending of the book. I knew when I wrote Doppelgänger that its ending would be controversial, with readers split on whether they “got” it or felt it tied up the story well enough. Scarlet’s review definitely gets to that issue, and I hope readers will continue to debate it!

Big thanks to Scarlet for her review, and I hope that Doppelgänger, when it comes out on February 3, 2015, will be an interesting and thought-provoking addition to your horror bookshelf.