I will admit this is old–five years now–but when I recently discovered this video on YouTube I was so amazed by it that I knew I had to share it with you. This 5-minute video is the story of Christoph Rehage, a young writer from Germany, who walked across most of China in 2007-08. He took a photo of himself every day on that journey. The result is not just another “selfie a day” time-lapse–which I admit are pretty cool by themselves–but a fascinating chronicle of what must have been an amazing and epic adventure.

Every time I see something like this I’m thrilled and heartened all over again by the realization that, even today in our world that is getting smaller all the time through technology, epic real-life adventures are still possible. There are so many things about our world that still have the capacity to astound and fascinate us, and for everything you think you know about the world, every place you’ve been, there are a thousand or ten thousand that you’ve never heard of. What’s so interesting about this video is not just the cool cascade of exotic places that flicker behind Christoph Rehage’s head (or the beard, which is what people usually notice first), but the story. I haven’t read The Longest Way, the book that Rehage published in 2012 about his adventure, but from the photos it seems to me that there are friends coming in and out of the story, meet-ups, goodbyes, perhaps even a love affair. This is an amazing thing to cram into 5 minutes of time-lapse video.

Rehage’s website is here, and as you can see he has gone on to other adventures. This one is cool enough to stick in my memory for a long time.

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