It’s been an inexcusably long time since I’ve done a “Metal for Friday” post, a feature that should be weekly on this blog. And, as Christmas is coming up next week, there was really only one choice of bands today: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which metalheads know (but most of the rest of the world doesn’t) is really a classic power metal band called Savatage going by another name. And although the above video is full of orchestras, softly falling snow and a little girl at Christmastime, the music is unmistakably power metal. This song originally came out in 1996, but this version was recorded (I believe) in 2007.

I love TSO, not just because we (metalheads) finally have a group of our own to listen to at Christmastime, but what metal fan hasn’t taken sly pleasure in tricking his/her family into listening to power metal by giving them a TSO album and telling them “it’s just Christmas music”? If I happen to be at a family member’s house for Christmas, I could listen to TSO all day, but one more spin of that horrifying Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album will turn me into a homicidal maniac. Thank God for Jon Oliva and Savatage!

It’s also Hannukah, so of course to my Jewish friends I wish them a happy holiday as well. And today begins the Sabbath, so pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy! \m/