When I saw the video I just posted above (which came to my attention via ThorNews, one of my favorite bloggers, who posted it on Twitter) I was both entranced and puzzled. It was a wonderful, visually stunning picture of the natural beauty and pace of life in Norway. But it looked very…small. How did they make all those stunning miniatures?

The answer is: they didn’t. This is real time-lapse footage of the real Norway (and a few shots in Iceland), taken in summers 2013 and 2014 by a Dutch photographer named Martijn Doolaard, whose website is here. Quite taken by the beauty of Norway, which admittedly is very easy to do, Mr. Doolaard set about to make this video using a process called “tilt-shift.” I don’t understand photography, but evidently the effect of this process is to make everything look tiny. Huge fjords look like model railroad landscapes, ferries look like bathtub toys, and cars zoom across the countryside like Hot Wheels. As you see from the results this is a brilliant idea.

Norway is a magnificent, awe-inspiring country, as I’ve noted before on this blog, but it also has a very pastoral, almost whimsical quality. This video brings out that characteristic wonderfully. Big thanks to ThorNews for sharing it!

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