ArtLark is a great blog because they showcase fascinating things that would otherwise not really get my attention. Sure, I’ve heard of Blondie (the comic strip as well as the 80s pop star), but never thought about its place in American history and society…but ArtLark has, and the result is this interesting article! It’s not the kind of stuff I usually do, but it’s pretty cool, so it’s surely worth a look.


41yW+32FiPLOn the 9th of January 1901, the American cartoonist Murat Bernard Young, better known as Chic Young, was born in Chicago, Illinois. His first comic strip The Affairs of Jane, about a low-budget film actress who dreams of becoming a real movie star, earned young Chic $22 a week. Unsurprisingly, upon receiving a phone call from King Features Syndicate’s J. Gortatowski, offering him an annual salary of $10,000, the cartoonist took it as a prank by his work colleagues and refused the offer. Luckily for him, when he later applied to Gortatowski, the offer was still on. In 1924, Young came up with an idea for a new strip entitled Dumb Dora. This time, the comic was about a brunette lady who, as it turned out, was not dumb at all. But it was his 1930 comic strip Blondiethat brought Young worldwide recognition and major…

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