It’s still the middle of winter, and it occurred to me this morning that doom metal is the perfect mood-matcher for these gray winter days. Thus I bring you one of my all time favorite doom metal songs, “To Protect And To Serve,” by The Obsessed. The scratchy but distinctive vocals on this track are Scott “Wino” Weinrich, who has been a legend in the doom/stoner metal scene since the 1970s. Indeed, while Wino is usually better known for his vocal work with classic doom metal band St. Vitus, The Obsessed was actually his first outfit, formed in 1976. The band broke up a decade later but after Wino left St. Vitus it reformed, and the album The Church Within, released in 1994, resulted from this second incarnation. The Obsessed split up again the following year but announced yet another reformation in 2011.

The Church Within is a wonderful album that represents everything that doom metal is and should be. The chunky riffs, unusual vocals and moody structures endemic to this form of metal are on perfect display in this song. I listened to this album a lot when I lived in New Orleans, a land filled with down-tuned, sludgey heavy metal that so perfectly fits that environment.

Stay warm this weekend, and have a great Sabbath. Shabbat Shalom! \m/