Today, February 3, 2015, is release day at last for Doppelgänger! I’m really excited about this, my third horror novel for Samhain Horror. It’s a departure from my previous books Zombies of Byzantium and Zombie Rebellion, but I think Doppelgänger is my best horror work yet and takes the reader to a place where they may not have been before…and may find utterly terrifying!

Doppelgänger takes place in the late 19th century and involves Anine Gyldenhorn, the pampered daughter of a minor Swedish nobleman. After her fiancé is killed in a gruesome accident, Anine falls in love with Julian Atherton, the son of the American ambassador to Sweden, who is very wealthy. Julian buys a lavish row house in New York, but they move in to find that they’re not alone in the house. A malevolent spirit haunts the gas-lit rooms and darkened parlors. The spirit has already driven one man to suicide, and is now slowly turning Anine’s gentle husband into a domineering brute. When Anine learns that the last woman to live in the house went insane, she fears she may be next…because the spirit can read her mind and use her darkest fears against her.

The best place to order Doppelgänger is from Samhain Publishing directly, here. You can also get it on Amazon here and Barnes & Noble here. Both a print version and e-book versions are available.

I’ve done a number of blog articles documenting the genesis of this book, and you can follow the whole process if you’re interested. To write the book I was forced to put myself into the mind of a 19th-century woman, not easy for a man living in the 21st century. You can read my announcement of when the book was accepted for publication, the cover reveal, two great reviews the book has already received (here and here), and now here we are at release day. I’ve also gone on the Zombiepalooza podcast to talk about the book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!