I reported back in January that climate researchers, who were then compiling their numbers for the year, were virtually certain to declare 2014 the world’s warmest year in recorded history. That has happened. On the heels of this announcement, NASA recently put out the above video, which is a time-lapse map of temperature records showing global averages from 1880 to 2014. It’s alarming. What starts out blue (temperatures 1 to 2° below average) across most of the world becomes a fiery yellow-gold by 2014, nearly everywhere on Earth. This is undeniable, and is definitely caused by the burning of fossil fuels and other industrial processes.

Everywhere you look these days there are more and more indications of how climate change is destroying our planet. Yet politicians continue to dither, talking heads in the media continue to pretend as if there’s some sort of debate going on, and business leaders continue to pretend as if there’s nothing they can do. Climate change is the biggest and most important issue facing planet Earth right now. Ignoring it is pointless and immoral. We must move into the realm of solutions, and we must begin to do it now.

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