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Earth Tour: Three medieval battle sites in (less than) two minutes. [video]

The above video, the second of my “Earth Tour” series, shows you three battle sites from medieval European history in less time than it takes to poach an egg. How’s that for brevity?

Two of the three battles I mention here have been featured in articles on this site. I profiled the Battle of Verbitsa Pass, where Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus I lost his head, here. I also did a profile of the Battle of Clontarf (1014) as part of my “Irish History Week” series last year.

Google Earth Pro is a wonderful thing–and now it’s free! Expect more of these “Earth Tour” videos from time to time.

battle of hastings pd


  1. I did enjoy it and I did learn something! Very cool! Thanks.

  2. So cool! I did learn something too!!

  3. Jeff Bloomfield

    Ah, but who remembers that poor King Harold won the battle of Stanford Bridge only two weeks earlier against another rival, the Norwegian King Harald, and his traitor half-brother Tostig. King Harold Godwinson was a patriotic king and gave his all for his nation. And probably died from an arrow in his eye (although there is a bloodier end described for him).

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