A Trip to Tuscany Without Leaving Home for #ItalianWFT

Instead of doing my own “Planet Wine” post today, I thought I would reblog this terrific article from the Rockin Red Blog that takes you to the heart of Italian wine country–Tuscany! Laden with centuries-old traditions and awesome food as well as great wine, this is the perfect place to dream of on a winter day. Thanks to Michelle of Rockin Red for her great posts, as usual.


This month I am joining the Italian Food, Wine and Travel group for the first time. Can you imagine a better subject for reflection?! Better yet, this month’s topic is Tuscany! #ItalianFWT is the brain child of Vino Travels, a fellow writer and lover of all things Italian. Please follow the hashtag to view all the great articles published today about Tuscany and each month on the second Saturday to learn more about Italy. Additionally, this topic is quite timely for me because my husband and I have never been to Tuscany and are planning our first visit this fall. I have used many different web sites to research Tuscany; so let’s begin by looking at the region.

Tuscany - Northern Alps

From the web site Italia:

Tuscany is located in central Italy and stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Its landscape, artistic heritage and stand-out cities – first among them 

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2 Comments on A Trip to Tuscany Without Leaving Home for #ItalianWFT

  1. Thank you Sean! I truly appreciate your support. I am glad you enjoyed the virtual journey to Tuscany. Have you ever been? I have not but am planning a trip for this fall. Cheers!

    • I haven’t been. I have been to Rome and southern Italy, which I love–Rome is possibly my favorite city in the world. I’d love to see Tuscany someday, it’s definitely on my bucket list!

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