I’ve never featured the almighty Saxon, godfathers of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), before on Metal for Friday but after a suggestion from Twitter last night I decided it was high time! This video is a live performance, but itself reaches back a number of years. This is Saxon playing at the Esbjerg Rock Festival in Esbjerg, Denmark, on June 4, 1995, amazingly nearly 20 years ago. The song is their classic “747 (Strangers in the Night)” from the landmark 1980 album, Wheels of Steel.

You may know the back-story of this song. In 1965, there was a famous power outage in New York City. As the lights went dark everywhere, including John F. Kennedy Airport, a Scandinavian Airlines flight was approaching to land. With the lights out and the plane’s fuel tanks running dry they had to attempt a dangerous landing in the dark. Although it was ultimately successful, it was a very near thing and could have been a terrible disaster. In real life the number of the flight was 911; for the song lyrics Saxon changed it to “101.”

I’ve seen Saxon more times than I can count. They always seem to show up at Wacken Open Air. For a band that’s been going for over 35 years, it’s wonderful that they’re still so dependable.

Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom. \m/