If you’ve read this blog for a few months, you probably know how impressed I was when I traveled to Bergen, Norway last fall for a history conference and ended up learning a lot about the history of the Hanseatic League in the city during the Middle Ages and early modern period. That led to my 2-part “Stockfish Empire” series (part I, part II) and also this post of a historic photo of the Hanseatic Museum, which has been preserving this remarkable history since 1872. The above video I found, produced by a Norwegian cruise line, explores exactly the same themes and in fact takes you inside the Hanseatic Museum. It’s only a couple of minutes long, but presents the history of the Hansa in Bergen in a very interesting, fun and visually appealing style.

I continue to find Bergen’s Hanseatic past endlessly fascinating, and my readers have responded pretty well to it as well as some of my other articles on Norwegian history that have proven very popular, so I thought I’d throw this video out there for those who are interested. Norway has done a great job preserving its medieval past, and in this video you can see why. It also has killer scenery. Enjoy!