Doppelgänger, (c) 2014/15 by Sean Munger

Released February 3, 2015 by Samhain Horror

Enter the house of madness!

Transplanted from her native Sweden to the drawing rooms and gas-lit parlors of Gilded Age New York, Anine Atherton will want for nothing in the lavish row house her rich new husband bought for her. But Anine’s house doesn’t seem to like people. The caretaker hangs himself in the entryway. The maid drops dead her first day on the job. Anine herself is becoming anxious and terrified, and not just because of the ghostly laughter she hears in the middle of the night. Her gentle, charming husband is slowly turning into a domineering brute. And whatever shadowy entity lives in her house, it can read Anine’s mind and use her darkest secrets against her. The last woman to live in the house went insane. Will Anine be next in line?

Where to Get It

Order on Samhain Horror website

Order on Amazon (Kindle version)

Order on Barnes & Noble (Nook version)

Audio Book Version (Audio Realms)–highly recommended!


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3 Comments on Doppelgänger

  1. How exciting! Congratulations!

  2. Ok I don’t have kindle or nook so do I have to wait to order from Samhain? I guess it’s not available on ibooks right?

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