This is not a historic photo, at least in the sense of some I’ve done recently, and I’m not entirely sure why I wanted to post it. But this is one of my favorite photos. All I know about it is that it’s a pub somewhere in Wales. I don’t know which one, what town it’s in, who took the picture or what its context is. But it certainly looks cozy. The ancient stone archway indicates it’s in a very old building, perhaps 18th century or even older. The beams on the ceiling look almost Tudor, though they could be a much more recent imitation of that style. Check out the wrought iron under the table at the left; this piece of furniture was probably made in Edwardian or Victorian times.

What I love about this picture is its quiet promise of peacefulness. There’s everything you need here for a cozy evening: some beer taps, comfortable chairs, and presumably–though off-camera–some friends or loved ones to spend some time with. Although not a lot of British beer is to my taste, I’d even overlook that for a chance to make a place like this a regular haunt.

As I said I know virtually nothing about this picture. I’ve had it on various computer hard drives for at least 9 years and I can’t even remember where I got it from. If anyone can identify what place this is, leave it in the comments! In the meantime, dream of a nice frosty pint of beer in a place like this as you go about your work today. Cheers.

Because I know nothing about this picture, I do not know its copyright status. If anyone can identify the place or recognizes the picture I will be more than happy to amend this article to give full credit to the photographer or copyright owner, if any.