I’ve never reblogged Play It Loud before, but this article caught my eye this morning and I had to share it. This blog specializes in heavy metal album reviews from the greatest decade of metal, the 1980s. And as 1988 was arguably the peak of that decade, this list of the top 20 albums from that year has a lot of classics. Take a very loud trip back in time and rediscover these gems all over again!


Hell yeah!  Another big ass list!  Allow me to present my favorite hard rock and heavy metal albums from 1988…

20. Sword – Sweet Dreams

Sword’s Sweet Dreams is metal in its purest form — gimmick-free and unpretentious.  They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.  Sweet Dreams was a testimony to Sword’s no bullshit style of straightforward metal.  A standout performance by vocalist Rick Hughes provides a testosterone blast to every tune.  Even though a few cuts are only average in terms of songwriting, Hughes’ vocals elevate the songs into fist-pumpers through the force of his metal conviction and the strength of his rusty wail.  The two killer tracks that standout for me are the churning title track, and the ball-smashing Life On The Sharp Edge (my favorite Sword song of all).  My score: A-

19. Cacophony – Go Off!

Cacophony!  Featuring not one, but TWO fierce six-string shredders in Jason Becker and Marty Friedman, Cacophony’s Go…

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