Here’s your chance to be heard! What do you like on this blog?

ilya repin 1905

Vox Populi means in Latin “Voice of the People,” and I admit this blog has been pretty much a dictatorship since the day it started. But I do appreciate what readers think, especially those who are regular readers and who come back here day after day to see what’s up. Thus, for the first time I’m letting you, the readers, chime in with what you want to see more of here on my site.

Please take the poll below. It shouldn’t take you very long, and you can choose as many as you want. It will help me going forward in deciding whether I need to tweak the kinds of articles I do here–or whether everything’s just fine!

The painting featured here is called “Demonstration on October 17, 1905” by Russian painter Ilya Repin. It is in the public domain.


  1. Hi Sean, I’m a long time reader of your site. Since you’re asking I would like to say that honestly I find the new layout (been a few months now) of your site a little confusing. I feel like if I don’t check in everyday that I’m missing posts. I know you can scroll through the new posts at the top but where do they go after that?. I really enjoyed your night out in NYC series (being a New Yorker Myself) but didn’t even know about it until the 3rd one came out. I couldn’t find the other 2 other than the links you had included in the 3rd part of the series.

    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    I hope this doesn’t come off as negative. I love your blog and really enjoy the topics you write about! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it.

    1. @ Casey and Pug both:

      Thanks very much for your supportive comments and your feedback! You are right, I redesigned my site in October, trying to make it visually more interesting. Perhaps I still need to work on archiving features. However, if you’re having trouble, there are three ways you can keep up on posts. First, on the main site (just plain old, the big photo slider at the top is calibrated to show the visual, headline and brief recap of the last 10 articles, chronologically, that have appeared on the site. If you look at any of these slides you’ll see a row of ten dots toward the bottom of the frame. Click on any of those dots to see a different article in the line-up.

      If you scroll down on the front page, beneath the featured book covers (currently Doppelgänger and Zombie Rebellion), you’ll see another, smaller slider that contains mostly pictures. These too link to the most recent articles, a total of the past 20, though instead of listing titles it just shows the pictures and identifies which category they’re in. If you hover your cursor above any of these slides the title of that article will appear and you can click on it.

      Finally, if you simply click Archive on any page (( you’ll go to a page that lists all articles on the whole site chronologically, most recent first. On this page, and in fact on the page of any individual article, on the far right beneath “Latest Articles” and “My Books” you’ll find pull-down menus where you can get lists by category or by month. In between “Latest Articles” and “My Books” is a search bar where you can look for anything you want.

      This may not be the most intuitive setup, and it sounds from both your comments as if I could make a chronological archive more prominent or easier to find. I’ll take another look at it and see if there’s a better way to do it. But thanks so much for the feedback, and I’m glad you enjoy the site!

  2. I have had a bit of a hard time finding archived articles. I eventually did but I think because Sean’s site has a large number of posts of varied subjects it might be hard to organize them. I love this site Sean, I can’t think of anything on your list that I wouldn’t want here.

  3. I found this site because I was searching for some Choose Your Own Adventure reviews, and was happily rewarded! I must say, this is a really good web site; I dig the biggest loser presidential articles as well. Looking forward to the Spy For George Washington review you promised 🙂

    1. Thanks Nick! Glad you’re enjoying it. There’s another Biggest Loser coming tonight. I will do Spy for George Washington, but I’m actually reviewing a brand new CYOA first.

  4. Hey Sean, I really like your blog. It’s always hard for me to honestly say why I like certain things. I like your style of writing but I couldn’t tell you what kind of style it is. That’s me, it’s hard for me to sort out certain styles. I think it’s straight forward and that’s great. I have no problem reading it and that’s the bottom line.
    Most of your different series are extremely interesting to me, also. I love the “Throwback Thursday” series, especially. I’ll read anything about history but you hit on a novel idea to write about a night out in the past. Simply brilliant!
    The last thing that I like about your blog is the fact that; you have an interesting way of looking at things, at times. I can’t remember the specifics or the actual post but, about two weeks ago after I read a post, I distinctly remember coming away thinking, “Boy, Sean really has an interesting view of things. It’s much different, at times, from anyone else’s take on things”!
    So, that being said, keep up the blogging and I look forward to your next post.

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