horrornews review

I wanted you all to see the great new review of Doppelgänger that came out on Friday on HorrorNews.net, the web’s top site for horror related happenings. Dave Gammon has reviewed the book and gave it possibly the best review I’ve ever received. More than just appreciating the book as an entertaining horror story, Gammon “got” exactly what I was trying to do in writing the book, which was convey a sense of a time and place in the past that has its own unique attributes–and ability to terrify!

Here is a quote from the review.

With a period piece such as this a preconceived notion may be that the story may move a little slowly and pick up momentum at a very gradual pace. This couldn’t be further from the truth in Doppelgänger’s case. We’re treated to imagery of apparitions that are equally haunting and chilling from the initial pages, reeling in the most reluctant of readers from the get go. A delicate blend of exposition and rising tension particularly Anine’s symptoms she endures when first exposed to the entities. The terror is eloquent and gripping and may very well provoke many a reader to sleep with the lights on for a spell.

Read more: http://horrornews.net/96924/book-review-doppelganger-author-sean-munger/#ixzz3XCVS6H6P

Please read the whole thing (click the link above or the link in the first sentence of this article). I’m understandably very proud of this review, and big thanks to Dave Gammon for bringing it to HorrorNews!